Contact Us

(509) 925-1810

Visit us at 202 N Pine St, Ellensburg

Hours of Operation:

Personal Training is available by appointment early in the morning (before 8am), late into the evening (after 5pm), and throughout the day (8-5). Appointments are available based on each trainer's availability. Please click here to schedule online or call us at (509) 925-1810 to schedule.

Classes are scheduled throughout the day. Click here to sign up for a class!

Drop In Hours: We typically open at 6am (in some cases earlier when we have scheduled appointments) and we stay open until our last class or appointment and we post our hours in the gym and make an effort to keep to them as predictably as possible. Ultimtately our hours vary and we are open by appointment and class time only. The best thing to do if you're looking to start an exercise program with us is to drop in during day time hours (before noon is your best bet), schedule a free consultation for personal training or sign up for a class (your first is free).


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