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About Us

A Message from the Founder

"I lost 125lbs. I have a unique understanding of the struggles involved. Since then I have used my success, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities to help people just like you achieve their health and fitness goals. I can help you, too."

- Jeff P. Wood

Mission Statement

We're Changing the Way Fitness is Done in Ellensburg by providing superior fitness training services using modern training methods based on the foundations of human movement.

About Empowered Fitness Training

Revised March 7th, 2017--Empowered Fitness Training (Health Fitness Complete, LLC) was first established in 2012 as a Personal Training facility. We have since grown into a fitness center that provides excellent personal training, high intensity interval training group workouts, and a health and fitness opportunity to the community of Ellensburg not found in a typical gym setting. We are a functional fitness facility and our clients are athletes who participate in the sport of life. Regardless of their age, ability, or skill our clients find at Empowered Fitness Training skillful services that help them achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Five Year Reflection

Written March 7th, 2017 by Jeff P. Wood

Five years ago, after two years of delivering personal training sessions in people's homes while I wrapped up my college degree, I opened the doors to our first personal training facility. I did this with one particular goal in mind: to Change the Way Fitness is Done in Ellensburg. I wanted to do this by bringing more of the latest fitness trends to Ellensburg and delivering them through the personal training setting, a skill that, by then, I had already built 4 years of proficiency in. So five years ago this month I leased out a small place, did my improvements, and Health Fitness Complete (later to be Empowered Fitness Training) was born.

Much has changed in five years. To accomodate a growing personal training clientele, and eventually group fitness clientele, we've gone through two major expansions. The first was just seven months after opening our first location on 5th and Ruby. We had quickly outgrown our measely 400 sq ft and into a 1,200 sq ft studio and for three years we continued to grow. During that time we faced down some pretty tough challenges and emerged on top and when our lease was up we moved into a 5,500 sq ft facility October 2015. We have been steadily growing ever since, utilizing more of the available space we have as we see fit to fulfill our needs.

Now, after five years, we want to shift our focus a little bit. We'll still offer great personal training services as we have always done, but our new direction will put a bit more emphasis on delivering high intensity interval training group workouts. We already have a great program in place for delivering such workouts but our goal is to open more classes and expand into weekend hours. In the coming months and years you will see our time, energy, and cash investments go more toward fulfilling that goal and providing new opportunities and latest fitness trends for our classes.

You know what they say: the first five years are the hardest and if you can make it past five years then your business should be in good shape. I believe this to be the case. Empowered Fitness Training is here to stay and I'm looking forward for the next five years.